• Pleasant sea
  • Plenty of beach entertainments
  • Picturesque places

  • Imperfect sea bed
  • Low tides spoil view noticeably
  • Commercial minibuses seldom go

The sea and sand on Choeng Mon Beach

The best place for swimming on Choeng Mon Beach is in the very centre. This part of the beach only stretches for a few hundreds of meters, but it’s quite wide, so it doesn’t seem cramped at all. The sand is fine and light here. Walking on it is pure pleasure, not least because it doesn’t get as warm, as coarse sand or pebbles, and it doesn’t burn your feet.

The water is quite transparent, most of all – by the very shore. Yet, it is not as ideally pure as on Chaweng Noi Beach, for example, or Chaweng Beach. People, who like diving wearing a mask or goggles, probably, will be disappointed by its visibility. Although the sea bed in the centre of Choeng Mon is as sandy as the beach itself, farther from the shore (20-30 meters away) there are muddy areas, there is some suspended matter in the water because of them. There may be some stones and chips of corals by the shore. There are more of them by the borders of the main beach. The southern part of Choeng Mon Beach is unsuitable for swimming because of numerous stones, dead corals, shallow bottom and silt. During low tide the stony bottom becomes all visible here.

The sea on Choeng Mon Beach is calm, the bay is hidden from large waves. The entrance into the sea is very comfortable, sloping, and a dip into the water doesn’t take too long. Small kids play with great pleasure by the shore, and adults can also have fun, but a few meters further. The water retreats considerably during low tides, in such cases adults settle for sunbathing or swimming in hotels’ swimming pools.

Our opinion of Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon Beach is situated in the bay with the same name, northwards from more well-known Koh Samui beach – Chaweng. It’s a peaceful tiny place, most appropriate for family holidays. The total stretch of the beach is not very big – about 2 kilometers. At the same same Choeng Mon boasts diverse terrain. Its northern half is a quite wide strip of white fine sand, while its southern half is divided into several stony little bays, which are completely unsuitable for swimming, but very irresistibly picturesque and romantic. There is a tiny deserted island right here – Koh Farn Noi, which you can reach on foot in few minutes even during high tide.

Hotels all surrounded by greenery are situated along the whole coastline, and it is thanks to them Choeng Mon has become an oasis of carefree rest. Some of the hotels were built in ceremonial Thai style, and they contribute to a picturesque view by their brick red pointed roofs. The beach is rimmed not only by palm trees, like the majority of beaches on Koh Samui, but also with diverse tropical trees and shrubs.

On the coast there is everything you need to spend the whole day without worrying about anything. There are beach cafes and restaurants here, sun loungers, sunshades, and Thai massage on sheltered from the sun couches, walking to and fro vendors of souvenirs and sweets. By the way, if you buy something in some of cafes in restaurants, you will be able to use sun loungers and sunshades, situated near them, for free.

Those, who find it boring to lie in the sun, can find a wide range of sea entertainments in Choeng Mon Beach: water skiing, kayaking, jet skiing, swimming on a ‘banana’, diving with an instructor, learning to sail a yacht. Approximate prices are the following: rent of boat for jet skiing – 700 bahts/30 min., rent of a kayak – 200 bahts/1 hour.

If you are on holiday with kids or you just feel yourself like a child, you will be surely attracted by the neighbouring tiny island – Koh Farn Noi. Only a few dozens of meters along the shallows – and you will find yourself on a deserted island. You can just have a walk on Koh Farn Noi, admiring turquoise infinity, where from time to time will appear a small boat of a local fisherman; or you can have a ‘treasure’ hunt – hunting colourful chips of bottle glass, unusual seashells and other stuff – just like in your childhood! There are thorny shrubs growing on the island and unusual for the island coniferous trees with real cones. Before setting off to Korn Farn Noi put on special swimming slippers, which will protect your feet from sharp corals and silt in the shallows.

There are no discos or disco bars on Choeng Mon. But there will always be accompaniment to a quiet romantic candle-lit dinner: in the evenings they play live music in local restaurants. Active night life is in the neighbourhood – on Chaweng Beach. If you don’t hire a car or a motorbike, you can get there by a taxi: the journey takes not more than 15 minutes (one way taxi rate – 350-500 bahts).

It is also advisable to travel to Chaweng, if you want to buy a handbag made of crocodile leather, some clothes or footwear. There is also a hypermarket Tesco there, where you can buy everything: starting from shampoo and ending with a tent. The other two neighbouring hypermarkets – Big C and Makro – are on Bophut. Public transport isn’t very developed on Choeng Mon, because the island is a bit far from the ring road, where it is most easy to hail a local commercial bus – ‘songteo’. On the other hand, the beach has a great advantage: it is near an airport: it is only 5 km away and 15 min. by a taxi.

What to do

  • School of diving
  • Koh Samui Crocodile Farm
  • Minigolf International
  • Koh Samui Football Golf
  • The Park Koh Samui
  • The Great Buddha and Wat Phra Yai Temple
  • Wat Nuan Naram Temple
  • Fish Market at Big Buddha

The hotels of Choeng Mon Beach on Koh Samui

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