• Deep sea
  • Ideally pure
  • Tropical fish right near the shore

  • Underwater stones
  • Nowhere to walk
  • Shops, markets and drug stores aren’t within walking distance

The sea and sand on Coral-Cove

Coral Cove is a tiny bay with coarse reddish sand. The beach here is very clean: there are no bottles and old palm branches beneath your feet. On the left and on the right there are gigantic boulders growing right from the sand, like frightening guards, protecting an access to the bay from the sea. In glades between the boulders you can find hiding places to get away from strangers sight in this by far secluded oasis.

The slope of the bed is quite considerable, the depth surges sharply, and you will be covered with water only within a couple of meters distance from the shore. The sand on the bottom is as coarse as the sand on the shore, and it won’t let you stand steady on your feet: you literally slide right into the sea on it. There are large boulders under the water, too. They are scattered at random along the bottom and invisible from the water surface. So you should swim very carefully, most preferably wearing goggles or a mask in order not to scratch your belly or knees.

Great fans of swimming and deep sea should definitely like Coral Cove. It is exciting to swim here, and ten meters away from the shore you will reach a considerable depth. However, rest with small kids may become a bit stressful: you have to keep an eye on kids while they are in the sea.

Our opinion of Coral Cove Beach

Coral Cove is a tiny and picturesque beach, hidden by the ring road between joyful Chaveng and crowded Lamai. You can find it orientating yourself with the sign Coral Cove Resort. The name ‘Coral Cove’ means ‘bay with corals’, which absolutely exactly describes the nature of this place.

The bay is tiny indeed, stretching only 500 for meters, but its bed is full of surprises, such as corals, huge boulders and schools of tropical fish. Not only is Coral Cove smothered in boulders, but also in vegetation. The landscape here is really breathtaking, romantic and exotic – that’s the way one can imagine rest on a tropical island. On this strip of sand there is enough space only for two hotels: Coral Cove Resort (a bit cheaper) and Coral Cove Chalet (a bit more expensive). It is their staff, who keep the beach in pleasant cleanliness.

It has everything you need for carefree beach holiday. Yet, if you feel like seeing local peculiarities or hanging out, you will have to go to Chavengi or Lamai. Fairs, markets, shops, clubs and parties – it’s all only about 20-minute trip by moped or tuk-tuk away from here.

What to do

  • Elephant Rock
  • Royal Koh Samui Golf & Country Club
  • Sea fishing
  • Snorkelling
  • Viewpoint


Coral Cove Beach hotels on Koh Samui

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