• Views of the coast and islands
  • Well-groomed beach
  • Proximity to tourist infrastructure

  • Shallow sea
  • Bad bottom

The sea and sand of Laem Nan beach

Laem-Nan beach will be attractive for those, who prefer spending time with a book or with a cocktail on a deck chair and watching tropical landscapes to water sports and games. Those, who are keen on sport, will have to look for another place for rest: Laem-Nan is only suitable for jogging early in the morning or before going to bed. You can sit or walk in the water – it is too shallow for swimming. However, the bottom is mainly oozy with clusters of seaweed and sharp coral chips. It is not very pleasant to walk on it barefoot, moreover, it is possible to cut your feet. The sandy strip of the beach is clean, rubbish can be found only on the outskirts. The sand is either coral and fine, or grained, grey with red speckles.

Despite that, you can find perfect conditions for swimming within easy distance. The coastline of Laem-Nan merges into the bay of Lamai beach – the second popular beach on Koh Samui. And from the opposite side of the cape Laem-Nan, at its very beginning, the beach Tongtakian hides – a picturesque and low-key beach, where you can not only go swimming, but also snorkeling, diving or fishing.

Our opinion of Laem Nan beach

Laem-Nan is a cape in the East of the Koh Samui island. The beach with the same name occupies the southern coast of the cape. It boasts wonderful views of the coastline of the beach Lamai, green mountain tops of the island and islands lying off the southern shore of Koh Samui – Koh Taen and Koh Matsum.

The coastline of Laem-Nan is a sandy beach, where picturesque clusters of boulders covered with seashells are scattered. Palm trees, shrubs, plumerias (or frangipanis) create a delicate shade above the scattering of bleached coral chips.

Laem Nan can’t be called crowded, which due to the fact that it has poor conditions for swimming. Hilly coastline of the beach is built up by large hotels, complexes with bungalows, beach restaurants and bars, among which there is a world-known brand – Beach Republic. You can find good-standard hotels here at reasonable rates and find accommodation in a spacious, comfortable room with a breath-taking view. You can find open to public access to the beach next to the restaurant Uncle Rung. You will see a large banner pointing at it from the ring road.

What to do?

  • Elephant Rock
  • Beach Republic


The hotels of Laem Nan on Koh Samui

We have chosen hotels, resorts, bungalows, where you can stay at Laem-Nan. The selection contains photos of hotels, information on the distance from the sea, comments of guests and a very easy-to-use search based on the hotel rates. Not only is it possible to choose the best hotel, but it is also possible to make a booking straight away.