• No one will disturb
  • Picturesque landscape

  • A lot of stones on the bed
  • Small depth
  • Corals won’t let you go deeper in the sea

The sea and sand on Thong Plu Beach

The beach in Thong Plu Bay is stony, on the eastern end particularly and westward from the centre. It is unsuitable for swimming, too, as his neighbor in the east – Bang Po. Even at high tide the coastal waters are not deep enough for a carefree swim. Besides, stones are scattered on the bed, and a range of coral thickets starts already at a distance of 50 meters from the shore, and on the northern end of the beach – at the very water edge. The sand is like coarse flour, light and pleasant, apart from small and large stones in it. What is pleasant, Thong Plu isn’t so badly littered, as other deserted coasts of the island.

Our opinion of Thong Plu Bay Beach (Tong Plu Bay)

Thong Plu bay is the most western end of the northern coast of Koh Samui. The main part of the beach is situated on Laem Yai cape. The eastern end of Thong Plu goes closely to the ring road, in the north the bay is safely hidden by hills and impenetrable jungle.

The beach is almost always deserted. There are no entertainments here: no restaurants, no bars – nothing. Only a Thai family or a bunch of friends has a picnic on the eastern end of the bay at the weekend: or in the west, on a separated by boulders plot, you will see holiday-makers among deck chairs and sunshades. The place is not well lived-in. It is only in the eastern part of Thong Plu by the shore, where you can find a few houses to let.

It is pleasant to have a walk on Thong Plu among picturesque rocks, densely scattered in the centre of the beach. There are a few crabs – a bit smaller than a palm, hiding among them. And in the east of the beach low tide bares an unusual contour of rock, forming semi-circular steps. So, this bay could be a quite interesting setting or subject of a photo shoot.

It is possible to taste local cuisine on the nearby Bang Po beach, which is within an easy distance, along the road. There, right by the sea, you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes, which are mainly inexpensive. Most of them are owned by fishermen’s families, who go fishing right here. In 15-min. trip southwards from here there is a small, but capital town of Nathon. You can travel there in search of souvenirs, Thai fruit, natural cosmetics, or in order to admire ferries or small vessels, entering the port of Nathon, or just for a change of scene. But Chaweng or and Thong Plu with their busy day life and especially night life are not closer than 17 km from here.

What to do

  • Kayaking
  • Taking Photographs


The hotels on Thong Plu Beach on Koh Samui

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