• The beach, nearest to Coral islands
  • Views of numerous islands
  • Absolutely relaxed atmosphere
  • Minimum of neighbours

  • Litter in the east of the beach
  • It is shallow
  • Seaweed
  • No restaurants and shops

The sea and sand on Thong Tanote Beach

In the east and in the centre of Thong Tanote Beach, near the pier, from which boats set off to Coral islands, sand is mainly fine, multicoloured: reddish grains are mixed with the ones of creamy and dark-coffee colour. The water is dirty: silt, seaweed, there are also polyethylene bags and other stuff.

If you want better sea and white sand, you should go west – to another half of Thong Tanote Beach, situated on the southern coast of Laem Hin Khom cape. Unfortunately, here it won’t possible to go into the water and swim either, because in the distance of just a couple of meters from the coast seaweed abound, and the depth is ridiculous. Before them the sea bottom is relatively clean, the sand is very soft, viscous – it is possible to lie on your back in the water or to swim on inflatable mattress. But if you fancy a swim, you should go to Coral islands, which are within easy distance. In addition, both ends of Thong Tanote – an eastern one and especially western one – are almost covered with quite large stones, so it is strenuous and extremely uncomfortable to walk there.

Our opinion of Thong Tanote Beach

Thong Tanote Beach is westernmost beach on the southern coast of Koh Samui. It occupies a little bay with the same name and a southern coast of Laem Hin Khom cape. The closest neighbor of Thong Tanote in the east is Thong Krut Beach, they are separated by a small nameless cape. The coastline looks typical: coconut palm trees, slightly bending over a sandy strip of the beach.

Sea views from Thong Tanote are picturesque. Coral islands, Koh Taen and Koh Matsum — in the south, as well as Koh Wang Nai, Koh Rab and adjacent really tiny islands, which even don’t have names. In the west one can see Five Islands, after which one of the western beaches – Taling Ngam – is called Five Island Beach. Further, behind the beaches you can distinguish a blue outline of continental part of the province Surat Thani.

Like from the neighbouring Thong Krut, you can rent a boat from Thong Tanote for a few hours and see all the above-mentioned islands (the prices: 4 hours – 1400-1900 bahts). Taen is the nearest: not more than 3 km. It lies just opposite and can be easily seen from here.

Thong Tanote beach strikes you as a sleepy fairy land. Fishermen boats sway on the water by the shore, fishermen and fisherwomen scale and sort out their haul, someone is folding a fishing net, away from the shore, people wearing broad-brim hats stand in the water up to their chests and pick up edible shellfish. Passing boats, laying at anchor, we reach the western part of the beach – the same idyllic tranquility, only instead of fishermen there are individual holiday-makers, lying on sun loungers with books or soaking in coastal waters, and instead if fishermen’s huts – groups of cosy bungalows. As for water transport, you can only find here either a hobbiecat or an inflatable mattress.

It is a perfect place for secluded and meditative rest and for walks of the same kind. Nobody will disturb you when you are deep in thoughts, or when you meditate or do yoga. And that disadvantage connected with the shallow and abundant in seaweed sea can be easily corrected with a longtail boat, which will take you to more suitable for swimming beaches of Coral islands. There are very few sights in the neibourhood: only Snake farm and Buddhist temple Wat Kee Ree Mas. The nearest souvenir shops and markets are more than 10 km away from here – in Hua Thanon. Thong Tanote is for those, who long for nothing, but rest.

What to do

  • A boat trip to coral islands Koh Taen and Koh Matsum
  • A boat trip to Five islands
  • Koh Samui Snake Farm
  • Wat Kee Ree Mas Temple


Hotels of Thong Tanote Beach on Koh Samui

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