• Beauty is everywhere you look
  • Pure sea
  • Clean beach

  • Remote from developed infrastructure
  • Shopping is on the neighbouring beaches

The sea and sand on Thongtakian Beach

Thongtakian is a small sandy beach, surrounded by severe-looking cliffs and boulders. Conglomerations of those stone guards secure the entrance into this green tiny bay from the sea. The sand on the shore and on the sea bed is very light, fine and soft. Hewn by salty water big rocks are scattered over the beach, sea bed and by the shore. Yet, there is a place for a good swim here, and for lying and sunbathing in the shallows.

The northern half of Thongtakian Beach boasts a clean sandy bed, which allows you to go into the sea comfortably. On this very side – on its fringe, among boulders – there is also a pathway for divers, along which they go to a coral reef, situated at the entrance to the bay. The eastern part of the beach is more shallow, and its bed is covered with sharp slippery stones and corals’ chips. It is possible to walk on it only wearing special gum slippers.

The shallows by the very shore is a favourite playground of little kids and a shelter from overheating: here they swim, bask in the sun and dabble in the sea. The water in Thongtakian is transparent during a still and suitable for snorkeling. Like everywhere else on Koh Samui, it is full of brave curious little fish, which will chase your heels.

Our opinion of Thongtakian Beach

Thongtakian Beach is a minute bay also known as Silver Beach, Crystal Bay and Yacht Club, after the names of hotels located on its territory. This tiny place, hidden from strangers’ eyes by high cliffs of Laem Nan cape, is situated at a turn before an approach to Lamai , if you go along a ring road from Chaweng. The length of Thongtakian beach is only about 400 meters. Despite that fact, it is quite often, when tourists name this very beach as the best on Koh Samui in their comments.

First of all, it is Thongtakian beach’s idyllic beauty – both of underwater world and above water world, that appeals to you. In the north and in the east it is surrounded by huge smooth capes, which tops are covered with green shrubs and tops of palm trees. A view of small island Koh Matlang, which blue outlines can be seen in the distance, by the shore of northern Chaweng, comes into sight from the eastern end. Small multi-coloured fishing ships are anchored in the distance.

Under water, at the mouth of the bay, there is a lively coral reef – the most interesting thing by the coast of the island, according to local divers. Probably, you will be lucky enough to come across turtles! The fact is, that it was in 2012, when turtles chose the bay of Thongtakian for laying eggs for the first time in 30 years!

You can get to Thongtakian only through the premises of one of local hotels, and the beach is mostly used by hotel guests. There is no private property here, and locals don’t settle here either, so if you want to feel peculiarities of local life, you will have to look for them somewhere else. It is not the best place for lovers of noisy parties and night revelry, either. It is couples, newly-weds and beloved, who choose this beach. There are also parents with their small kids, even babies, here. Undoubtedly, small children will like soft sand and gigantic boulders of Thongtakian Beach, and will find plenty of exciting adventures there.

This peaceful bay gives you a feeling of privacy and nearness to Nature, yet, it far from being deprived of comfort. Everything, intended to guarantee a relaxing and carefree rest, can be found here. You can have massage, manicure and pedicure under a straw canopy. And you can have a snack or a refreshing coconut or milk shake in hotels’ restaurants, without abandoning beach entertainments.

From the first sight, Thongtakian Beach may make an impression of a place, which is far away from life, but it is not the case. Firstly, you can find a lot of interesting activities on the beach itself: diving, snorkeling, sea fishing – everything can be arranged right there. Secondly, a little bit further down the ring road, in the direction of Chaweng, there are a few restaurants, ranging from average to high class, they boast a panoramic sea view from the top. If you travel in the opposite direction (to Lamai), you will find two large glass buildings – it’s an IT Complex, where there is an internet café, and in the neighbourhood – a 24-hour shop Family Mart and several cheap Thai cafes. It is uncomfortable and unsafe to walk down the road. As an alternative, you may take a songteo (a commercial bus) or hire transport – a car or a motorbike – in one of Thongtakian hotels.

What to do

  • Elephant Rock
  • Viewpoint by the ring road
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Sea fishing


The hotels of Thongtakian Beach on Koh Samui

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