• Deep
  • Clean
  • Everything has been catered for
  • Near an airport

  • Sharp rocks
  • Dangerous streams
  • Depth inhabitants are near

The sea and sand on Tong Sai Beach

Tongsai Bay can easily have a claim on the title of the beach with the deepest sea bottom on Koh Samui. The slope of the sea bed is quite steep, and the sand of the bed is rather unfixed, in two steps you find yourself deep up to your chest in the water. You can’t reach the sea bottom only in the distance of 3-4 meters from the shore, and a little bit farther it becomes difficult to reach the bed even for those, who like diving deeply. Moreover, the water in Tong Sai Bay is cloudy, and it is easy to swim into a jellyfish or another unfriendly inhabitant if the deep sea.

The beach is bordered on both sides by crags, going under water. They are pointed and slippery, that’s why it is not recommendable to swim near them or to climb them. Streams in coastal area are changeable and may strengthen, carrying swimmers into the high sea. There are also big waves in the bay in the season of rains (November – January). That’s why there is always a special flag on the beach, which informs us on how safe water is at the moment. However, at night you take a chance to swim, like everywhere else on the island.

The sandy strip of Tong Sai Beach is quite wide – 40-50 meters. The sand here is coarse and massages noticeably your heels. No bags in the water, no bottles on the shore. The cleanliness of the beach is strictly observed, even fishing boats were prohibited to enter the bay.

Our opinion of Tongsai Bay (Tong Sai, Thong Sai)

Tong Sai Bay is one of the smallest beaches on Koh Samui: its total stretch is a bit more than 100 meters. It is separated from another small bay (Tongson Bay) by stony slopes in the north, in the south it borders sandy and stony cape, from which a wonderful view of a neighbouring beach Choeng Mon comes into view – with sailboats, green hills, red roofs in a traditional Thai style and a tiny island Koh Farn Noi.

All the infrastructure of the beach belongs to the hotel with the same name – The Tongsai Bay, including a couple of pricey restaurants, a beach bar, a few of swimming pools, a yoga studio, the gym and lawn tennis court. The beach is surrounded by a well-groomed area – a multi-level park, along which paths small golf cars go, intended to ease your locomotion. It is not necessary to be the guest of the hotel to be able to use all its services and the beach. The only requirement is to park your own transport in the hotel parking lot.

On the beach you can take everythin, which necessary for windsurfing, kayaking, and you can also practice sailing a sailing catamaran (free – for the hotel guests). You can also find here the courses of Thai cuisine, yoga lessons, and spa procedures. If you want something else, you will have to book a taxi or to hire transport: there is practically nothing within an easy distance, but a road and green forests. If you are looking for parties, bars, pubs, and sexual shows, then you should set off to Chaweng Beach, it is 7-8 km away from here, and in search of landmarks (The Great Buddha, Nuan Naram Temple) – beach Bangrak, which 3 km from here. On Bangrak there is a passenger quay, from which excursion ships depart to Koh Tao and Ang Thong National Marine Park, and the airport of Koh Samui is quite near — it’sonly 6 km away.

What to do

    • Kayaking
    • Sailing
    • Thai cuicine lessons
    • Yoga

The hotels of Tongsai Beach on Koh Samui

We have chosen hotels, resorts, and bungalows, where you can stay on Tongsai Beach. The selection contains the photographs of hotels, information about the distance from the sea and an easy-to-use search based on hotel rooms’ rates. It is not only possible to pick out the best variant of accommodation, but also to book it straight away.