Pagoda Khao Chedi is a snow-white stupa, surrounded by twenty gilded statues of Buddha. It is situated on a hill, towering above the western part of Bang Kao Bay and Laem-Sor Stupa. The ascent is abrupt, that’s it would be a good idea to use transport for overcoming it. A few dozens of meters before the top of the hill there is a comfortable parking lot with the first Buddhist sculptures, that will welcome you here.

Then, visitors go up the steps, marveling at orange monks’ clothes, hung to dry, and coming into sight views of the northern coast of Koh Samui. Having reached the very top, you, first of all, will meet big Buddha, sitting in the semipose of lotus. His right leg is placed over his left leg, thus symbolizing the victory of truth over fallacies, and the posture of hands tells us, that Buddha is deep in meditation. Farther on the way, there is an infant Buddha, who stood on his feet just after his birth, is waiting for you, and right before the stupa itself – a lying Buddha (in the pose of Parinibbana).

The history of Khao Chedi or Buddha Jaydee started more than a hundred years ago. In 1903-1904 a monk called Prakru Piboon Thammasan left for Sri Lanka with a pilgrim mission, from where he brought a small piece of Buddha’s holy relics to Koh Samui. In 1908 the stupa Khao Chedi was erected, and they laid the holy relics in its foundation. In 1968 due to frequent strikes of lightening, they built the second stupa – on the seashore, that one, which is known today as Pagoda Laem-Sor. The holy relics were moved into it, but in 1972 they taken back to their original place. The stupa Khao Chedi has been restored more than once. The last restoration was carried out a few years ago.

Having paid due attention to the stupa, let’s go down to a panoramic terrace. It boasts panoramic views of Koh Matsum, Koh Taen and other, situated farther, tiny isles, and the coast of the mainland part of the province Surattani as well. There is another construction at the end of the viewpoint. There is – again – Buddha sitting in it. But this time he is surrounded by his followers. This sculptural group is guarded by toy deer.

Worth knowing:

The ascent to the top of the hill is quite abrupt. A weak bike with two passengers may not climb it.

How to find Khao Chedi:

Khao Chedi stupa is located on a hill, in the west end of the coast of Bang Khao Bay, approximately at distance of 11 km southward from Lamai Beach. In order to get there on your own, firstly, go along the ring road (4169), then take a turn into the road 4170. The best place to do that – on the territory of the settlement Ban Sa Ket. From 4170 take a turn, following a road sign, into the road to Laem-Sor – ‘Lam-Sho Road’ (one of the variants of spelling of Thai name with Latin letters). There will be a turn to the right just before the pagoda Laem-Sor, take this turn, go down it for a little while, then take a left turn, and you cannot miss it.

Location: 9.411198, 99.965131

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