Don’t expect multi-tier plantations in Bali style. Rice fields on Koh Samui aren’t so impressive. It is just a green and pleasant to look at valley, surrounded by mountains of the same green colour. Before the tourist era started, the island had lived off fishing and agriculture, and there by far more rice fields. Today, instead of some of them there are hotel complexes and villas.

If you want to see Koh Samui from another – not beach – point of view, the valley of rice fields is, undoubtedly, worth visiting. The main characters here, or to be exact, creatures, are buffalos, which pasture on its spacious territories. They, traditionally, help farmers cultivate and reap rice.

Worth knowing:

The most comfortable way of admiring the valley is from a solitary café, situated high up right by the road. Very clean, delicious, inexpensive. It is never crowded here, just because beaches and hotels are far from here. The location of the café: 9.433078,99.998956.

How to find rice fields on Koh Samui:

You can get to the valley by the road 4170. The most convenient way to do that to turn into it from the ring road (Ring Road 4169) just after Muslim Village. You will pass the main stadium of Koh Samui, surrounded by a wide moat with water, and then, behind a turn, you will see the above-mentioned roadside cafe, the only one in that area.

Location: 9.436341,99.996473

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