• Panoramic sea views
  • A lot of space, few people
  • Passenger port is near

  • Shallow or no water at all
  • No beach rest
  • A lot of litter on the shore

The sea and sand on Bang Makham Beach

Bang Makham turns into a beach only at low tide, which is, actually, not so uncommon in the west of Koh Samui. Retreating water bares a spacious sandy surface. It is possible to reach its edge at this time, but only after having walked for a few dozens of meters, and you will have to walk even more, if you want to get into the water up to your knees. At high tide, Bang Makham is a narrow coastline along the ring road. But it won’t be possible to swim here because of the shallows. Besides, the seabed by the shore is not very pleasant: covered with silt, alive seashells and shell rock. In the sand, under stones and chips of corals there is an active sea life, such as little crabs, small crayfish and tiny shrimps. Further from the coast, the bottom is by far cleaner, the sand is fine and very light.

Bang Makham beach could be easily recommended to parents with small children: it is not scary to play in shallow transparent water at high tide, and at low tide, there appear unlimited opportunities for running and walks to anchored fishing boats. Yet, there is one drawback: the beach isn’t cleaned, and real waste deposits are not uncommon.

Our opinion of Bang Makham Beach

Bang Makham Beach stretches out for two and something kilometers from Laem Yai Cape up to the capital city of Nathon. The views of Ang Thong National Marine Park come into sight from here. If you look southward, you will see the panorama of the southern coast of Nathon, a part of following it Tong Yang Bay with Lipa Noi Beach and a small peninsula, where a naval base is located. In north direction, the hills of Yai Cape are visible and a sandy strip of a beach with the same name Laem Yai Beach, that is quite similar to Bang Makham Beach in terms of shallowness and serene sea views.

It is more likely to come across Thai fishermen on Bang Makham, rather than holiday-makers. Instead of posh hotels with sun loungers and sunshades there are lopsided fishermen’s houses on piles on the shore. There are only few bungalows by the very water – in the north, and on the opposite end – in the south. However, you may also find little houses and villas to rent on the hills across the road. On the other hand, it is not backwoods. At least, you can have a proper breakfast, lunch or dinner here, at the same time enjoying sea views, the southern part of the beach doesn’t lack restaurants or cafes.

Bang Makham is unsuitable for beach rest. In terms of leisure pastimes, this beach could attract those, who would like to practice or to master water sports: local entrepreneurs rent out sail catamarans and kayaks. If you are keen on fishing, why not to hire a boat and go into the sea together with fishermen. Besides, not far from here, in Nathon, there is a school of kiteboarding, that is open from May till October, when the most suitable weather for this kind of sport sets in.

Also, in Nathon, which is the main port and the capital of the island as well, there markets with exotic fruit and cheap clothes, small shops with natural cosmetics and souvenir shops, and a tourist bureaus, offering different tours around the island and beyond its borders. The proximity of Bang Makham to a passenger port – only a couple of kilometers or 6 minutes by a taxi – will be an advantage for those, who come to Koh Samui by the sea. But the airport is a bit far from here, as well as a noisy tourist east coast with beaches Chaweng and Lamai – not less than 20 km or 40 minutes by car.

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  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Octuple Coconut Tree
  • Buffalo Fighting Stadium

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The hotels of Bang Makham Beach on Koh Samui

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