• Poetic scenery
  • Good for photo shoots
  • Excellent fishing

  • Unsuitable for swimming
  • Under-developed infrastructure

The sea and sand on Thong Krut Beach

The sandy coast of Thong Krut may be called a beach until you start to swim. You will have to go somewhere else to do that. The sea bottom here is stony and sandy with sticky mud, and the water is far from being transparent. Moreover, the shallows stretch for a couple of kilometers. It is only comfortable for fishing boats in such conditions: to make it possible for them to reach the shore, locals have dug a deep moat here.

Our opinion of Thong Krut Beach

Thong Krut is a small bay, situated in the west end of the south of the island. It is next to Thong Tanote Beach from one side, and it borders Laem Sor cape from another side. It is a very peaceful place, which can be noticed at least by how rarely cars and transport pass by along the coastline.

However, Thong Krut can’t be called a back country. One can bump into foreign tourists here. Among them a so-called type of ‘lone wolf’ predominates, who feels good in the company of his Thai girlfriend and local fishermen. Owners and staff of local small restaurants know all the holiday-makers by sight. Both sides communicate with each other as if they were old acquaintances.

The inhabitants of livelier parts of the island often come here because of the poetic views of adjacent islands – Koh Matsum and Koh Tan, they are quite near – only about 5 km distance from here. Fishing boats with bright ribbons on their fore only contribute to the view, and in the evenings – crimson, light-pink or flaming-red lights of the setting sun. It is absolutely unforgivable to have a camera or a photographer with you and not to have a photo shoot in such a scenery. What’s more, there is no slightest chance here, that somebody else will fit into the photo or will prevent you from the relaxing in front of the camera.

Despite being absolutely serene, this place can offer you plenty free time activities. You can hire a boat right on the beach and set off to the neighbouring islands Koh Matsum and Koh Tan, which common name is Coral islands. They can’t only boast their solitude and untouched nature. There are a few bungalows, a small restaurant and a scary legend on Koh Tan. Supposedly, any dog, should it get there, will live for only one day. Koh Matsum island is deserted, but there is a pearl farm there, which you can visit with excursion.

However, if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can see the results of pearl divers and jewelers work and even buy in Naga Pearl Shop right on Thong Krut. Thai tourists like having picnics on Coral islands Koh Matsum and Koh Tan. Our compatriots have started following their example recently. One can set up a camp stay for a night here, sit by a bonfire and admire stars, imagine yourself Robinson Cruso, and forget everything.

Let’s return to the coast of Thong Krut. Not very far from it there are two cult Buddhist constructions – golden Laem Sor Pagoda on the very shore and a white stupa Khao Chedi, surrounded by golden statues of Buddha. There are also a few Buddhist temples. The fans of exotica and thrills will like a snake farm, where shows with dangerous and disgusting for the most creatures take place. By the way, this shows has already got into the Guinness book of records twice: for the longest period of time spent with scorpion and scolopendras.

Yet, if you look for fun night life, you will have to travel to the eastern coast of Koh Samui – Chaweng or Lamai, and for shopping – westwards, to Nathon. In the first case the journey will take you 30-40 minutes, in the second – 20-25.

What to do

  • Stupa Khao Chedi
  • Pagoda Laem Sor
  • Wat Santi Karam Temple
  • Wat Kee Ree Mas Temple
  • Excursion to a pearl farm on Koh Matsum island
  • Naga Pearl Shop
  • Camping on Koh Tan and Koh Matsum
  • Snorkeling and fishing on Koh Tan and Koh Matsum
  • Koh Samui Snake Farm
  • Triple Coconut Tree