• Crystal water
  • Clean seabed
  • Fine sand
  • Well-groomed beach

  • Nowhere to walk outside the territory of hotels or beaches
  • No shops at all

The sea and sand of Chaweng Noi Beach

The sand on Chaweng Noi Beach is of tender creamy shade and is very fine. The colour of water is purely blue, depending on light transforming into greenish turquoise colour. The entrance into the sea is smooth. A considerable depth begins at a distance of about 5-7 meters from the seashore. It is possible to walk up to your knees in the water, or swim , or dive.

There is no vegetation on a sandy bottom. It is so pleasant to swim in goggles, admiring the blue mass of transparent water and the well-shaped patterns of bottom. There are small schools of frisky little fish in Chaweng Noi, beautiful seashells and tiny bleached chops of dead corals. Both adults and kids feel good here, the former – because of comfort, the latter – because of fun.

The southern end of the beach doesn’t correspond to the idyllic atmosphere of the beach. It is unsuitable for swimming: the water doesn’t even reach your ankles, and the bottom is covered with silty stones. It is more suitable for walking along the seashore and for watching everyday life of small inhabitants of the seabed.

Our opinion of Chaweng Noi Beach

Chaweng Noi begins, where Chaweng ends. Chaweng Noi is a peaceful and cosy beach with crystal water. It is a really small bay: it stretches out for a bit more than 1 kilometer. While walking on its soft, subtly creamy sand, you feel some little crabs running beneath your feet, which disappear in their burrows with the speed of lightening, and your eyes rest with admiration on the transparent sea of rich blue colour. Chaweng Noi is never crowded, which is the case with more popular and larger Chaweng in high season.

It is so tranquil here, because it is not that easy to get here for a stranger. The beach is hidden by hotels and a couple of beach restaurants. If you go along the ring road, you can orient yourself by the following hotels: The Fair House Beach Resort, New Star Beach Resort, Imperial Koh Samui Beach Resort, Impiana Resort & Spa Koh Samui and The Sarann.

On the northern end of the beach there is a cape of boulders, behind which Chaweng starts. On the opposite end Chaweng borders the foot of a high cape, around which going upward ring road turns. There are also groups of boulders in the middle of the beach. People like to sunbathe on them, and locals, wearing wide-brimmed hats and wrapped in clothes up to their eyes, pick up edible seashells here.

Chaweng Noi has everything you need for a beach holiday. First of all, traditional beach entertainments, such as riding wave runners, ‘bananas’, parachutes, the Philippine boats-jags, and stuff like that. Besides, beginners may try to make their first steps in windsurfing. The water on Chaweng Noi is almost always still and smooth like transparent glass. The high-standard hotels, which occupy the beach, do their best to provide their guests and not only them with everything for rest: soft deck chairs, sunshades, showers with fresh water, and, of course, restaurants with sea view. Should you wish authentic Toscana cuisine, cross the ring road, and you will find yourself in the restaurant ‘Marco Polo’, which owner is, of course, Italian.

Feel sick and tired of serenity and tranquility? – Chaweng – with its bars, clubs, wild night life – is within an easy distance. If you get bored, you can stop your tuk-tuk on the ring road, and in five minutes you will find yourself in the centre of some night revelry. If you are in search of supermarkets, souvenir shops, food markets you should go to one of the nearby beaches – either Chaweng or Lamai.

What to do

  • Viewpoint next to Chaweng Noi
  • Jet skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • The Philippine boats-jars


The hotels of Chaweng Noi Beach on Koh Samui

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