• Views of coral isles
  • Beautiful terrain of the beach
  • A lot of personal space

  • The sea is unsuitable for swimming
  • Backwater, nothing happens
  • Remote from tourist infrastructure

The sea and sand of Natien Beach

The sand on Natien Beach is very fine, soft and light – the very ‘powder’, which all the fans of ‘bounty’ type of beaches dream of. But there are sometimes smooth backs of big stones on a sandy cover and deposits of dead corals: greenish-grey by the water and snow-white in the shade of coastal vegetation.

You won’t be able to swim here, only in a hotel swimming pool or having sailed far away from the shore on a hired boat. The beach is surrounded by serious shallows, stretching into the sea for several kilometers. It is great to walk on those shallows, enjoying the sun, spaciousness and magnificent views. However, you will have to choose the seabed even for walks, because there are spots covered with seaweed and sharp stones here, and in some places there are boulders, covered with sharp seashells, rising from the water. So the safest way of walking here is to walk wearing special elastic slippers.

In terms of cleanliness, Natien – is not an ideal, either. Expensive hotels, which occupy this plot of Koh Samui coast, clean up only small adjacent areas. That’s why it is quite likely to see beer tins here, some shreds and pieces etc.

Our opinion of Natien Beach

Natien is one of the most beautiful and unsuitable for swimming beaches on Koh Samui. Unhurried walks, meditation, photo shoots – this is what it is good for.

Natien Beach is situated in the south of Koh Samui, on the very headland of Laem Set cape. The neighbouring isles – Koh Taen and Koh Matsum – are visible from here, and behind them – the outlines of the mainland coast of province Suratthani. The boats of fishermen and collectors of shellfish occasionally sail on blue surface.

Having turned with your back to the sea, you won’t be disappointed, either. You will see a green hilly coast line just before your eyes. The beach is adorned with palm trees, shrubs and creepers. Frangipanis shed their huge leaves on it: bright yellow and – dry ones – of cinnamon colour. There are a lot of interesting and educational things here: the shell of sea-hedgehog, for instance, or frisky little crabs, quite big in comparison to those, which can be found on more crowded beaches of the island.

If you are not the guest of one of local hotels, getting an access to the beach gets difficult, but still possible. Opposite the driveway to the hotel ‘Mudra’ is a sandy path through bushes, it is steep and half-overgrown. You should drive on it , it’s better to walk. It will lead you to the seashore on the left –if you face the sea – of five-star hotel ‘Shasa’.

What to do?

  • ‘Koh Samui Butterfly Garden’
  • Buddha’s footprint
  • Yoga
  • Meditation


The hotels of Natien Beach on Koh Samui

We have chosen hotels, resorts, bungalows, where you can stay on Natien Beach. The selection comprises hotels’ photographs, information on the distance from the sea, guests’ comments and an easy-to-use search based on hotel rooms’ rates. It is not only possible to find the best accommodation, but also to book it straight away.